Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring at Accent Endocrinology

Living with diabetes requires constant vigilant care. Checking your blood sugar by pricking a finger or using a continuous glucose sensor can be a hassle. But if you don’t keep tabs on your blood sugar level you may lose energy, get jittery or even slip into a diabetic coma.

No matter how regular you are about testing your blood sugar levels, spikes and falls in your blood sugar will happen, which is why continuous glucose monitoring may be your best option when it comes to finding specialized therapy.

Advantages of Glucose Monitoring

Blood sugar can fluctuate at any time, even while you are sleeping and unable to test it with a pump or by finger-pricking. The benefit of a Glucose Monitoring System is that it continuously tests and records blood sugar levels, providing a detailed analysis of blood sugar trends in your body—overnight lows, high levels between meals, early morning spikes, how diet and exercise effect your blood sugar—all while you continue your normal daily activities.

Setting up the Glucose Monitoring System is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1:

A nurse from our clinic inserts a tiny glucose sensor under the skin around your abdomen region. The sensor measures and records your glucose levels every 5 minutes for the next three days. During the three day period, you will check your blood sugar levels 4 times per day, and record daily activities (eg. meals, exercise, insulin) on the provided log sheet.

Step 2:

After the three day period, you will return to the clinic to have the glucose monitoring system removed. The data recorded by the sensor, as well as your log sheet, is then given to one of our skilled endocrinologists for review.

Step 3:

The information gathered from the sensor will be evaluated by your endocrinologist. Adjustments will be made in your therapy regimen based on blood sugar trends recorded by the sensor.

NOTE: The Glucose Monitoring System is not a replacement for standard, daily insulin monitoring or long-term care, but rather a device to help detect subtleties in blood sugar so an endocrinologist can develop a treatment plan that is suitable to your needs.
Glucose Monitoring at Accent Endocrinology
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